Thomas Krüger

Thomas Krüger may be one of Germany´s most allround-talented racers, celebrating his 20th race anniversary in 2008.
Starting in 1998 attending race courses, very soon he drove his first races earning adequate succes. In 1990 he became Haugg Euro Cup champion. After this early championship only two years after he started racing Thomas Krüger drove several VLN-races and Castraol Haugg Cup races. From 1997 to 1999 Krüger competed in the Citroen Saxo Cup, returning to his favorite car HONDA after the ´99 season.

Seven times he started at the legendary 24 hours race on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. In 2004 he did the 24 hours with only one co-driver, Georg Krause, after his teammate and future father in law Lothar Dahlen had died after having a heart attack just before the race so that also Krügers fiancee Nicole Dahlen didn´t participate.

For 16 years Thomas Krüger is engaged to Nicole Dahlen now, who since a few years is Crew Chief of Team Krüger Motorsport. Although she did only a few races in the past years, Nicole Dahlen never officially quit racing.

In 2007 Thomas Krüger became ADAC-Gaupokal-champion and third in the RCN championship that he finished becoming vice champion in 1996.

His racecar is a former japanese right hand drive factory Honda Civic VTEC, prepared by his 24-7-working-if-necessary-crew.

Thomas Krüger presenting some of his trophys 

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